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About Us

Founded in 2007, Ningbo Huazhu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has become one of the leading OEM manufactuers of bathroom accessories(towel bar, towel ring, towel rack, soap basket, tumbler holder, tissue holder ,soap dispenser, robe hook etc), bath enclosure hardware (shower door hinge, shower door handles , bracing bar etc), sanitary and plumbing spare parts (faucet handle, angle valve, bathtub drain, sink bottle trap, toilet tank lever, brass tubular, shower drain , toilet seat hinge etc ), and door and window hardware (smart lock, door handle, door knob, window handle , door hinge, lock escutcheon, mail slot etc. )

HuaZhu company is located in Zhenhai district, Ningbo city which is just 40 minutes by driving to Ningbo port which is biggest seaport in China, and is just 3 hours by driving to Shanghai city. With 30,000 square meters plant, HuaZhu has more than 250 experienced workers, 10QC, and 15 R&D engineers. HuaZhu focuses itself in the high end market, and offers OEM and ODM services to famous brand and supermarkets in EU and North Amerca market.

HuaZhu proceeds strict quality inspection in every production process. We adopt high quality material od brass, zinc alloy and stainless steel to ensure each finished product is under careful inspection. Huazhu has a professional team of R&D who can achieve all the requirement raised by our customers.

HuaZhu has its own tooling workshop , die casting, forging , stamping and plastic injection workshop, automatic polishment equipment, CNC machines, and electro plating workshop. With the full and complete production ability, we can proceed the strict quality inspection in every spare parts and in each step.

We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.

We will attend KBIS Shanghai Fair on 8th, June, 2022. We will display our new products collections and show our strong production ability to every visitors, Warmly welcome you to visit our booth E6E45 ! Hope Huazhu can be one of your reliable suppliers!

Our service

Tooling Design and Mold Making

Precision moulds and tooling making is one of our key areas in proving strong engineering and technical support for our die-casting operations. The high quality products come from superior tooling. Our company has a perfect design team, apply advanced CAD/CAE/CAM design program, and import Anycasting mold design software to simulate the filling, cooling and expected shrinkage for complex parts. This allows for thorough evaluation and refinement of the tool design before tool construction begins and ensures the tool will produce the best possible part with optimal production efficiencies. We can also assist in formulating a comprehensive testing program to ensure the final integrity of your components.

High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting & Zinc Die Casting

Die casting is a high pressure metal manufacturing process that forces molten metal into a mold cavity to create the part in various of shapes. The mold cavity consists of two hardened tool steel dies. A hot- or cold-chamber machine is used based on the cast metal.

Die casting can produce a broad range of parts with perfect finish and astonishing detail.

We offer die casting services in a variety of materials : A380, ADC-10, ADC-12, ADC-6, ADC-3, YL-102(LM20), and Zinc #3 & #5.

Compliant to Standards: DIN, ASTM and BS, JIS.

Advantages of Zinc Die Casting

●Superior strength, impact resistant

●Excellent corrosion resistant
●Thermal & electrical conductivity
●Low cost raw material, high quality finish easily to anodize, paint, or plate
●Moderate casting temperatures provide significant energy & processing savings
●Casting process flexibility
●Long tooling life ,fully recyclable
●Excellent thin wall capability
●High dimensional accuracy & stability

Quality Assurance

To attain customer satisfaction,Huazhu operates as an interactive team committed to total quality, thus creating an active and intelligent manufacturing environment.

Project quality is monitored by detailed First Article, In-process, Final Inspection procedures and formal documentation. All materials are inspected and documented upon arrival from approved suppliers. Documentation travels with each project through each critical process and testing. First article inspection and final audits are performed to insure conformance to customer specifications. All test and measurement equipment is precisely calibrated to defined specifications and independently monitored to certify compliance.

Huazhu continually strives to offer competitive pricing and on-time delivery while maintaining stringent standards of quality. Statistical process control techniques are used throughout manufacturing facilities as per automobile requirements, and the quality system implemented has successfully attained ISO9001.

What we can offer:

Bathroom accessories

1. Towel bar / Towel ring

2. Towel shelf / Towel rack

3. Soap basket/ dish

4. Tumbler holder

5. Toilet brush holder

6. Tissue holder

7. Corner wall basket / Shelf

8. Glass Shelf

9. Robe hook

10. Hairdryer hook

11. Soap dispenser

12. Cosmetic mirror

13. Towel holder

14. Storage basket

15. Bathroom accessories

Bath enclosure hardware

1. Shower door handle

2. Shower door knob

3. Shower door hinge :

180 degrees Glass to Glass Hinge

135 degrees Glass to Glass Hinge

90 degrees Glass to Glass Hinge

Wall Mount Full Back Plate Hinge

Wall Mount Offset Back Plate Hinge

Wall Mount Short Back Plate Hinge

Glass Clamp

Pivot Hinge

4. Bath Enclosure Rod/ Bracing bar

5. shower ceiling dropper

6. stablization bar

7. Bathroom handle

8. Bathroom fitting

9. Floor spring

10. Glass connectors

11. Handrail

12. Safety Grab bar

Door and window Hardware

1. Smart lock

2. Intelligent lock

3. IC card lock

4. Fingerprint lock

5. Face ID lock

6. Door handle

7. Zinc handle

8. SS handle

9. Lever handle

10. aluminium handle

11. Door Knob

12. Door lock

13. Escutcheon Plate

14. Door Hinge

15. Window handle

16. Door stopper

17. Strike plate

18. Door plate

19. Number plate, door plate

20. Lever handle

21. Mail Slot

22. Letter plate

23. PVC door lock

24. Window lock

25. Furniture handle

26. Door viewer

27. Door knocker

28. Slide bolt

29. Concealed Hinge

30. Invisible hinge

31. cabinet hinge

Faucet Handle

1. Faucet handle , Tap handle, mixer handle

2. Faucet lever

3. Faucet handwheel

4. Kitchen faucet

5. Kitchen mixer

6. Bath faucet

7. Shower mixer

OEM manufacturing parts/ Special metal parts

1. Zamak Die casting Parts

2. Aluminum die casting parts

3. Zinc alloy

4. Aluminum

5. Electro plated parts in big area

6. Big area plate parts

7. Complex plating products

8. Special Stainless steel part

9. Decorative metal part

Shower hardware

1. Shower rod

2. Add -A-Shower

3. Spout type Add-A-shower

4. Shower drain

5. Bathtub drain: Brass Lift and Turn Waste& Overflow, Toe Touch Waste & Overflow,

6. Brass Trip lever Waste & Overflow

7. Shower Head

8. Shower arm

9. Shower rod flange

10. Add-on Shower Diverter Bathcock

11. Bathtub feet


Production Process

1. Tooling Making

2. Raw Material

3. Die Casting

4. CNC Maching

5. Polish


7. Lacquering

8. Inspection

9. Assembly

10. Delivery

Quality Process

Company Certification