Huazhu can provide customer ODM service for various bathroom accessories, shower hinge, door and window fittings etc.


Our company has a perfect design team, apply advanced CAD/CAE/CAM design program, and import casting mold design software to simulate the filling, cooling and expected shrinkage for complex parts.Precision moulds and tooling making is one of our key areas in proving strong engineering and technical support for our die-casting operations.The high quality products come from superior tooling.  This allows thorough evaluation and refinement of the tool design before tool construction begins and ensures the tool will produce the best part with optimal production efficiency.


We can also assist in formulating a comprehensive testing program to ensure the final integrity of your components.


Understand customer needs: Fully communicate with customers to understand their product characteristics, production requirements, quality standards and other information to ensure the provision of suitable zinc alloy materials and processing techniques, provide customer convenient factory on-line audit if necessary.


Technical support: Provide customers with relevant technical consultation, including zinc alloy performance, processing technology, mold design, etc., to help customers solve technical problems. We can provide customer sample to test and verify their expectations.


Detailed Quotation: Provide price breakdown based on customer needs, including material fees, processing fees, transportation fees, etc., to ensure that the quotation is reasonable and transparent.


- Product Acceptance: Assist customers in production lead time and quality acceptance to ensure that the product meets their expectations.

- Technical Support: Provide product use and maintenance guidance to solve technical problems encountered by customers during the using process.

- Quality Commitment: If the product has quality problems, it will be replaced free in time to ensure customer interests.